How did you get into SPA Delhi?

I have applied for Master of Building Engineering and Management & my marks in GATE was 54.96 with a score 624.

As the students are selected on the basis of their SOP, GATE Rank, Academic Profiles, Written Test, Personal Interview & the quality of their previous work experiences & their achievements.

I think SOP did one-fourth of my work done. Then on a particular date, I was called for a written test followed by an interview. The test was easy comprised of 50 MCQies of Civil Engineering and architecture and the duration was 1 hour. It hardly took me 20 minutes to solve them.

After that, I was called for an interview just after the lunch hour at around 2 PM. There were 2 member panel among one was the HOD himself. They told me to take my seat and asked me to tell me about myself. As I have applied for Master of Building Engineering & Management I stared with that I have rich experience in High rise Building construction and explained about my past achievements as an Assistant Engineer. They interrupted me in between and took my B.Tech final year thesis (It was about feasibility analysis using a wind turbine on a residential building) and asked me “Did you designed that wind turbine”. I nodded in negation and explained that I just took the turbine specification and did feasibility analysis using certain software. Then They asked me “You have a good GATE score, don’t you wanna go for masters in structure”? I again explained my interest in managing large project works and the kind of satisfaction I get after its completion. Then they asked me”why do u want to join SPA Delhi”? I repeated the same that I have mentioned in my SOP. They asked me about academics at my University (KIIT University) and my schooling from (Aligarh Muslim University) in detail. They put some comments on KIIT but were happy to know that I studied in AMU. I took few Journal papers along with me that I have shown them and discussed the topics as well as the places (like JNU) where I presented those. Then I was suddenly told by one of panel member that “Your interview is over and you may go”. It was not a smooth ending so I was a Little bit confused that whether I will make into the final list or not. But the result came & I got rank one in that rigorous selection process.

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