How is the B.Planning course in SPA Delhi?

Nationwide, SPAs ranked above any other architecture college. Worldwide, SPA Delhi is ranked 7th in Asia for architecture and is also ranked as one of the top 10 graduate planning education institute in the world along with MIT, UCL and others. It is now an established brand name for excellence in planning and architecture education. Within seventy-four years of its existence, the School has established a reputation as the nation’s leading institution for imparting professional education in town and country planning, architecture and design.

Students admitted to this four-year intensive undergraduate degree programme are provided with broad knowledge and skills necessary to plan for the integrated and balanced development of human settlements and areas of varying sizes. Students are gradually trained to acquire knowledge and skills for the preparation of layout plans, local area plans, zonal plans, master plans, and regional plans.

A large number of theory subjects are taught throughout the programme to build a sound theoretical basis for planning practice, higher studies, and advanced research for those who desire to do so. Apart from studying theory subjects, learning practical planning skills in the studios and pursuing research work in the form of a thesis, all students are also required to compulsorily complete two stints of practical training in public, private or the third sector organizations. Upon graduation, the students are accepted as full-fledged planning professionals in the discipline of town and country planning. The students are accredited as Associate Members by the Institute of Town Planners after they acquire one-year professional experience. The students are also eligible for admission to postgraduate programmes in Indian and foreign universities for higher studies in various disciplines of planning and design. These include specializations such as housing, landscape architecture, transport planning.

Here is the Model Curriculum for Bachelor’s Degree in Planning given by AICTE:…

Regarding Working Condition and the nature of the job of planners, yup it is stressful as you have to analyze every detail ( Bulk Data) related to that area. But I believe that if you like something then only you are gonna enjoy it. Otherwise, every job is hectic for some people and interesting for some other group of people.

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