Is there any scope for girls in construction management?

I am presently studying in SPA Delhi (so-called Asia’s one of the best planning institute) where almost 40 to 50 % girls are getting admitted every year. The fact is that they too will be having a top-notch position in the industry as well as the education sector after passing out from few SPA like Institution of national Importance.

Now coming to the job profile they can have the following:

  • Construction Management: Site Co-ordination, time management, quality Management
  • Procurement: Resource Management, Material Management, Procurement schedules
  • Contract Management: Drafting of contracts, Managing Bidding process, Dispute resolution.
  • Project Finance Management: Project Cash-flows, Financial viability, Budgeting, Sourcing of Finance
  • Property & Asset Management: Appraisal, Valuation, Business Model development, Investments and forecasting
  • Facilities Management: Building services Management, Infrastructure Management, Health and Safety Management
  • Architecture Engineering Construction: Design Management, Value engineering, Structural analysis
  • BIM Co-ordination: Revit modeling, BOQ preparation, scheduling
  • Project Sustainability Management: Green building practices, project certification and credit rating, Sustainable Design
  • Research: Market studies, empirical studies, exploratory research, case studies.

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