What options are available for accommodation near SPA Delhi?

The Schools of Planning and Architecture (SPAs) are a group of autonomous public institutes of higher education under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The SPAs list three institutes located at Bhopal, New Delhi and Vijayawada. They were established with the objectives of providing quality Architecture and physical planning education. The SPAs primarily offer undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and executive education programmes.

SPA – Delhi has two hostels, 1st the ITO hostel which is exclusively for girls and the 2nd is MB hostel which is a co-ed hostel with a pseudo-partition in between. There are lots of PG available nearby both the SPA hostels.

As the answer is requested by a male candidate so I am beginning with the SPA MB Hostel. This hostel is situated in Maharani Bagh area near the new friends Colony of Delhi. Here is the Google map link to that hostel Google Maps. Although around 90% of students who don’t get hostel either adjust with their batchmates on mutual consent (legally permitted by hostel authorities) or live in groups nearby hostels. The hostel is surrounded by many flats and PGies within 1 Km range. It is advisable to take flats near Maharani Bagh hostel and not near College for easy doing with your assignments. The students can opt for local private mess food or the cheap and mid-range restaurants available nearby. For non-veg, the Zakir Nagar market is there at around 1.5 Kms which is a local market comprising all kinds of delicious Mughlai cuisines especially Chicken Korma and Biryanis. Aslam Chicken serves mouth-watering butter chicken there.

Now coming to the ITO girls hostel which is in the college campus is exclusively for the female students. The students who don’t get the hostel there, live in PG in Mandi House, Nirmaan Vihar or Laxmi Nagar area. The PGies are available all over the area mentioned. Mostly, girls prefer to stay at locations nearby to their relatives. Rest they too can stay at the hostel with mutual consent (legally permitted by hostel authorities) with their batchmates who already have got the hostel.

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