What should be worth it, a master’s in BEM or any other like industrial design or urban planning from SPA – Delhi?

I am currently pursuing masters in building engineering and management from SPA Delhi after working for more than 2.5 years in Ashiana Housing Ltd and RITES Ltd (Ministry of Railways, Govt of India). In terms of ROI (Return on Investment) surely M.BEM is this the best branch and second one is Industrial Design (personal opinion considering placement situations). M.BEM has its own placement cell run by Student coordinators which has deep industrial coalition. Apart from that the visiting faculty profile of MBEM includes some of the who’s who of industry and administration like Major General Taran Sidana, Chief Engineer, MES (Retd.), Er. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Principal Consultant (Engineering), PMSSY Division, Ministry of Health, Government of India, Dr Pawan Kumar Taneja (Indian Institute of Public Administration) and many more.

If you are passionate about learning the project management then only join this course otherwise the mind-boggling assignments and full night consuming group tasks will blow you out. But surely after getting this degree, which only 32 lucky students get chance to pursue in an academic year, you can promoted up to the director of a company (Which our seniors are).

I don’t know much about Urban Planning and industrial design, .but what I saw in these few months after coming to SPA is that everyone is charmed about M.BEM like we are the superior ones who got into this branch. Industrial Design people make amazing designs and few gets good packages may be even more than M.BEM as I heard (but few only) and Urban Planners make a lot of A1 sheets through out the year and we only work on laptops as we have to be like boss on site commanding the whole project and its resources, both human & material.

so choose wisely. depending on your interest not considering the charm of course.

Here is the link to go through M.BEM Placement Brochure of SPA-D.

Mbem 2018 placement brochure (1)

Below is the 2019 Placement Brouchure:-

Rest Life is really awesome inside SPA -D. No matter whatever be the branch, you will have one of the coolest hostel life in the country.

Regarding job profile :-

M.BEM students has the following job profile, depending upon the interest and company they choose:-

  • Construction Management: Site Co-ordination, time management, quality Management
  • Procurement: Resource Management, Material Management, Procurement schedules
  • Contract Management: Drafting of contracts, Managing Bidding process, Dispute resolution.
  • Project Finance Management: Project Cash-flows, Financial viability, Budgeting, Sourcing of Finance
  • Property & Asset Management: Appraisal, Valuation, Business Model development, Investments and forecasting
  • Facilities Management: Building services Management, Infrastructure Management, Health and Safety Management
  • Architecture Engineering Construction: Design Management, Value engineering, Structural analysis
  • BIM Co-ordination: Revit modeling, BOQ preparation, scheduling
  • Project Sustainability Management: Green building practices, project certification and credit rating, Sustainable Design
  • Research: Market studies, empirical studies, exploratory research, case studies.

Regarding Industrial Design Course:-

The primary aim of the programme is to foster wholesome design experience through an interdisciplinary process of teaching and training. Theoretical, technological and managerial inputs, which are dealt with through various courses, seminars and workshops are all directed towards this central goal. The determination to take professional design approach to the interpretation of culture and to use design as a tool for cultural enrichment is the focal point of the programme. Academic exposure while concerning itself with broad phenomena such as sustainability, etc. is at the same time highly relevant to the urgent issues concerning technical, manufacturing and marketing aspects of the industrial world of today. The programme maintains close links with the industry, both in order to keep in touch with the latest developments in industrial processes, and to ensure that the course remains relevant and comprehensive.

Career opportunities for the students passing out of this programme are varied. It includes working for the industry, design or architectural studio or setting up an independent practice in design and architecture.

Rest all depends on your interest.

Comment and suggestions please.

All the best 🙂


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